Being at the vanguard of technology allow us to determine the best solution to your needs.

At STP we effort to be at the vanguard in the technologies utilization, allowing us to determine the use of the technical resource that best fits each particular case.

Because we have a technical team of the highest level, we can adapt to the constant technological changes that the global market proposes and thus offer the opportunity to provide multiple options for your solution.

  • DotNetNuke

    DotNetNuke is a content management system, open source, web and ASP.Net based, with almost 10 years in the market is the most widely used system of its kind. Helps to develop flexible web applications, customizable and easy management and maintenance by the end user.

    Due to its maturity in the market, we decided to adopt this technology as an option for web development, since it decreases unnecessary costs to the customer for site construction and increases the efficiency in the development and the administration of the website.

  • Asp.Net

    ASP. Net is the framework for developing websites marketed by Microsoft. It's one of the most popular, reliable, secure and versatile options in the market, allowing the implementation of solutions of different sizes, from small websites to large portals or intranets of high quality.

    Our team is expert in developments using this technology, and we it considered as the best option for the development of e-commerce web sites or to advertise your product or service on the web.

Microsoft .Net
  • .Net

    It is a powerful framework distributed by Microsoft that provides a predefined set of solutions, allowing abstraction of the applications developed on it, between operating systems, and the ability to deploy applications to different types of devices and environments.

    STP has as a main strength development of applications based on .Net, which allows us to offer versatile solutions, reliable and competitive.

Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sql Server

    MS SQL Server is the alternative proposed by Microsoft as a database management system based on the relational model (RDBMS). Offers an excellent solution for database applications for different scales, providing a gallery of tools for its management.

    We encourage the use of SQL Server in our solutions, as it represents an economical, secure, scalable and robust option to persist and manage your information.

Microsoft Silverlight
  • Silverlight

    Silverlight is a powerful platform for developing Rich Internet applications. Allows to build interactive solutions for both internet and desktop applications, where the most important thing is the user experience.

    STP specializes in this platform, offering an excellent choice to build your online business with an excellent design and a great graphic quality or to surprise users with business applications of high visual impact.

BizTalk Server
  • BizTalk Server

    Is Microsoft's solution for an enterprise service bus. This technology allows the integration of business applications of various kinds through its adapters’s architecture, also allowing the automation of business processes, monitoring their activities, exchange documents across different areas and more, reducing costs and errors to integrate different areas of a company or different companies.

    STP incorporates this technology to provide our customers a powerful solution to speed up or automatize their business processes or to perform an integration of them.